Tbilisi Medical University

                                                           პეტრე შოთაძის სახელობის თბილისის სამედიცინო აკადემია-ის სურათის შედეგი


Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy is a self-governed higher education institution – a teaching university, with highly qualified academic and staff, which conducts its activities in accordance with all applicable laws and TMA regulations. TMA provides three educational programs: 6 Year Medicine (English), Medicine (Georgian) and Dentistry (Georgian). 

Mission of TMA is to provide students with education in the field of medicine and prepare competent professionals, suitable for the modern, competitive labor market and participation in the improvement process of welfare in Georgia through raising quality of education.  
The main Goal of Academy is to elaborate independent and critical thinking, scientific reasoning abilities, and reasonable judgments among students, in order to support their development into highly qualified specialists. 

Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) aims to create an attractive environment for studying, scientific research and continuous development for students, researchers and academic personal. In response to the always-changing medical field and modern challenges, TMA thrives to establish its position both on national and global educational map through promotion of academic excellence and critical thinking. The Academy acknowledges its responsibilities towards the public and strives to cope with existing challenges and justify high expectations.

Core Values:

  • Quality and Academic ExcellenceTMA assures high quality and goodwill in delivery of it’s activities at any stage of education, be it study, research or scientific activities.
  • Academic Integrity, Trust, and Respect: TMA seeks to create a full-fledged environment based on trust and mutual respect, through the introduction and cultivation of individual, academic and institutional integrity.
  • Research, Innovation, and Creativity: TMA engourages development and enhancement of academic and student research, as well as scientific activities through introduction and integration of activitis, based on creative freedom and innovation.
  • Socially Responsible: TMA creates practical benefit for society through elaborating and implementing educational programmes, based on principles of academic excellency, leadersihp and integrity.  
  • Ethical and Academic Conscientiousness: TMA aspires to create environment, based on ethical conduct and academic justice, in order to ensure development and enhancement of core principles for future medical professionals and researchers, like collegial respect, academic integrity and transparency,
  • Freedom of Expression: TMA encourages freedom of thought and expression in the frames of ethical conduct, in a civilized and constructive environment, among them in the fields of education and research.
  • AccountabilityTMA acknowledges and recognizes it’s responsibilities towards society, to prepare medical professionals and scientists, with international level knowledge and high ethical conduct.  

Courses For International Students:

Medical One-Circle Degrees:

Doctor of Medicine

51/2 Ketevan Dedofali Ave,
Tbilisi 0144, Georgia

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