Georgian National University

                                                    დაკავშირებული სურათი


The National University of Georgia SEU was founded in 2001 at first as the Ilia Chanchavadze National University of Georgia
Since 2007 the university has offered modern standard building to it students on the new address and since then the university location is in the historical part of Tbilisi , Isani-Samgori District, Tsinandali st. 9. In 2009 the university was accredited by the National Accreditation Centre (GAC)

In 2014 the university was authorized in accordance with the new authorization standard until 2020. At present 23 accredeted educational programs , 9 BA programs , 7 additional Minor programs , 1 single-stage and 5 MA programs function in the university.

On four different faculties of the university __ business administration, social sciences, law and medical faculty.There are 133 faculties and 97 adjuncted professors. In 2014,2015 and 2016 the National university of Georgia appears to be one of the demanded universities in the Georgian educational sphere.


The mission of the National University of Georgia ( SEU) is to create a modern university atmosphere which will enable students to actualize their personal opportunities , offer modern knowledge in Georgian educational setting and on success oriented academic foregrounding raise national awareness in the process of building civic society.

SEU in search of accomplishing its mission will provide students with:

Academic independence
Freedom of choice and opportunities
Critical Thinking
Realizing responsibility of their own deeds
Encouragement of Success
Enhancement of personal opportunities


University Academic Vision highlights the integrity of: an adult’s first educational, scientific and cultural base, professional and scientific base, university setting as personal realization base and university services as youth supporting and encouraging unity Developmental role of the university implies encouragement and support of students’ initiatives and continuity of university studies, institutional development, educational, research and professional contacts within universities.

Courses For International Students:

Medical One-Circle Degrees:

Medical Doctor

9 Tsinandali str. 
Tbilisi, Georgia

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