Agricultural University of Georgia

                                                       agraruli universiteti-ის სურათის შედეგი


Agricultural University of Georgia was established in 1929 and has been from that time onward the primary university in Georgia for higher education in agriculture and related fields. After a period of decline following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the university was privatized in 2011 and work began immediately to make it a modern, high-quality research university.  Since then, millions of dollars have been spent renovating the educational and research infrastructure while the new management recruits high-quality Georgian and foreign scientists and professors, revises curriculums and syllabuses in accordance with the best models from Europe and America, and facilitates and promotes research activities in the agricultural sector. 

The university’s commitment to excellence and its rapid progress were soon widely recognized in Georgia.  The performance of its entering freshman class on the unified national exams in the fall of 2012 placed the university in sixth place out of a total of almost 60 universities in the country.  Just two years earlier, the university had been ranked in the bottom half.   
The university’s offerings and activities fall under three broad subject headings: 
  • Agricultural and Natural Sciences
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Business Administration
Bachelor-degree programs are the university’s first priority, but many programs also offer degrees at the master or doctoral level.  The university also provides non-degree, vocational and professional education. 

The scientific community at the university includes more than 20 institutes, centers, and dedicated laboratories.  There is a healthy mix of young and experienced researchers among the current total of 227 at the university.  Most researchers receive funds from donor organizations or fees for providing services, and many collaborate with world-class researchers from various places on the globe.  Fifteen researchers also teach, and that number will increase in the future.  Meanwhile, graduate (and select undergraduate) students have opportunities to work as assistants in research labs, developing their skills and carrying out some of their own research projects.

The university collaborates with approximately 20 world-class universities, and researchers and faculty are involved in such projects as those of FP7, TEMPUS, INTAS, and STCU, as well as specific projects with such private-sector partners as BP and Dupont.  The university is also a member of IIE, Institute of International Education, the American Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations concerned with education, research, or business development.

The university is located at University Campus in Dighomi, which sits at the northern edge of Tbilisi on David Aghmashenebeli Alley, the main road leading out of town to the north.  It is near two prominent shopping destinations:  the newly opened Tbilisi Mall and the “big” Goodwill, the largest in a chain of Wal-Mart-like stores in Georgia.  It is also only a few minutes’ drive from the US Embassy.  The address of the university is 13 km, David Aghmashenebeli Alley, Tbilisi 0131.


The university is conceived on the model of the “knowledge triangle” with the aim of developing and running coordinated programs that accommodate the interlinked needs of education, research, and innovation/commercialization. The mission of the university is to realize that conception at a world-class level in the areas of agriculture, engineering, and natural sciences and produce graduates, researchers, and innovators who are the leaders in their fields in Georgia. The university is committed to recruiting the most talented, prepared, and hard-working students, regardless of their financial resources.  Tuition and other costs of attendance are maintained at an affordable level to ensure accessibility.  

Courses For International Students:


Master of Science

David Aghmashenebeli Alley N240 
0159 Tbilisi, Georgia 
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