Grigol Robakidze Univrsity

                                                         grigol robakidze university-ის სურათის შედეგი


University is a dynamic academic system that considers its function in global and national development context, based on community requirement and idea of Georgian University. The main resource of its function is the fields of social activities formed by actual context of the country’s development, and they are: a) Forming of educational society, social and professional mobility, stipulated by education based development, characteristic to national economic development. b) Global technological and service innovations development and adaptation of the country’s economy to this process; c) Development of national culture, including business that provides condition for ensuring community welfare;

Thus, University complies main fields of its competence - education and science with community requirements and creates new functional direction – community service. University is developing as innovative High Education Institution that means ability to react quickly on external factors and community requirements, continuous improvement of educational and scientific research product quality and meeting customers’ demands by introducing new service technologies.

Mission & Vision:

1. The University Mission is a fundamental document that makes basement for University’s activities. Meantime, it is open and is subject to correction considering new factors. University mission is to prepare new generation specialists with large competencies that will promote multilateral range development of knowledge based economy and knowledge community’s.

2. To bring up competitive specialists, persons with sense of citizenship, national consciousness, having liberal values, and with awareness of Georgian and World culture values.

3. To ensure students’ growth perspective, development of their personal and creative potential by increasing potential of international mobility and by implementing educational programs of all three level.

4. To create effective system for developing scientific research sphere, that creates base for enlarging scientific potential of academic personal and preparing new scientific staff.

5. To create service system oriented on community requirements on the basis of academic and scientific research experience.

Values & Principles:

1. Liberalization, democracy, openness of teaching and learning process.
2. Objectiveness, honesty, high responsibility.
3. Learning – humanization and social activeness.
4. Student - central subject of teaching and learning process.
5. Academic inaccessibility and freedom of research.
6. Freedom of choice, transparency, justice.

Students Support:

Teaching and learning process in University is oriented on complete opening of intellectual and creative possibilities of a student – a subject of this process and his/her preparing for career.

With regards of a student’s factor University systematically updates and enlarges teaching resources, ensures maximally comfortable environment, cares for the student’s nourishment, hygiene and health service improvement.

University promotes students’ mobility for which it transfers its activity to the direction of education programs’ liberalization, continues work with foreign educational institutions for enlargement possibilities of continuing education.

Students are aware that have balanced responsibility together with University of solving tasks defined by educational program, acquiring quality knowledge and skills, that’s why they participate in creation of University’s management hierarchy. They have chance to monitor own educational process, meantime evaluate services offered by University, express their own attitude towards professors body. On its hand, University operatively resolves problematic issues or includes them in the future action plan.

According to demands of knowledge based labor market, for the purpose of giving quality education, University attracts big range of talented and hard working young people in spite of their nationality and political-religious view, for this it widens society relation system, but for the sake of accessibility creates flexible financial politics.

Courses For International Students:


Bachelor of Business Administration


Master of Public Administration and Politics

David Agmashenebeli Street, N13,
Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia

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