University of Georgia

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The University of Georgia is distinguished by the disciplined educational process and modern infrastructure, enabling its students to acquire quality education and practical skills.  For this reason the University is in leading ranks of regional educational institutions and is well-known to be dedicated to professional and personal growth of every student. Thus the graduates of the University of Georgia always benefit from superior employment prospects.

Offering thought provoking and diverse set of disciplines, UG is the place where knowledge is created and acquired. The academic personnel of the University is staffed with highly qualified, well-experienced and creative professionals dedicated to teaching creatively and with enthusiasm, helping raise young professionals with demonstrated commitment to the public.

UG is proud of its diverse community with cross cultural awareness.  Its multicultural environment shapes intelligent, educated individuals with human values capable to meet modern challenges.  The objective of the University of Georgia, being one of the leading universities, is to encourage the personal development of each student and mold her/him as a highly qualifies professional.  UG is always the right choice for those that seek to achieve great success in life.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the university is to expand boundaries and educate a person, which will support the development of a healthy, human and democratic society through professional activities or scientific achievements based on the hard work and honesty, for the goodwill of the government and humankind in general.


- Become and maintain the status of the biggest and most demanded private university in the region.
- Become the most innovative university: a university, a research institution and a business organization.
- Make a significant contribution to the Caucasus region and beyond its borders to socio-economic development.  

Student Life:

Student Life at the University of Georgia ensures that students get the most out of college experience on a personal and academic level. It provides a supportive learning environment, motivates intellectually and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth through availability of trainings and career support services.  UG student have an opportunity to apply learning beyond the classroom through multiple life experiences, network among field practitioners, attend special events and meet incredible people, all in all generating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

The University of Georgia offers an innovative approach to student life, whereby students are encouraged to unite around a common interest to come up with and receive funding for creative projects that contribute to availability of various social, cultural as well as adventurous and unforgettable activities - making UG reputable for well organized, exciting and memorable student live.  

International Students at University of Georgia

With hundreds of international students and visiting international scholars, the University of Georgia is a hub of learning and research in the region, offering quality education and excellent infrastructure to students from all around the world. 

Here you will find an impressive diversity of programs and people in search of knowledge and ideas, filling our university with the enthusiasm and vitality that comes from being an institution committed to active intellectual exchange and research. 

If you choose to be part of our Medical School community, you will find yourself studying in a genuine medical environment, with just a step from our simulation hospital to real-life experience.  Likewise, if you join our School of Media and Social Sciences, you find yourself in an impressive television studio and before you know it – you will be the one making the news. 

UG constantly holds its hand on the pulse of developments world-wide in order to stay up-to-date with the events on our planet: from spread of market economies to technological developments, matters of global security and all the rest of contemporary important matters. For this reason our students are equipped with the present-day knowledge to be able to make a difference today, to ensure a better future tomorrow.
As a modern university with the diversity-friendly atmosphere, we are proud to welcome international students representing various nationalities and cultures, to take advantage of our outstanding academic programs and experience exciting life in the vibrant and beautiful city of Tbilisi.
We take particular notice of the needs and necessities of our international students.  Our International Students office does its utmost to make their life on campus as comfortable as possible.  

Whether you are a prospective or active student or visiting alumni, we hope you find the University of Georgia an exciting and enriching place – a place that instills values, appreciates ideas, promotes diversity and is in constant search for new knowledge.

Career Service:

The students of the University of Georgia are provided with the high quality comprehensive career services at the Employment Support Office.  Having established the successful partnerships with multiple private companies and public organizations in Georgia, the Office facilitates relationships between the students and employers.

We believe that the success of the University graduates and their outstanding professionalism is not only the result of the advanced academic standards, but also the consequence of the efforts to equip the students with skills necessary for the modern job market. Our students and alumni are provided with the trainings on the topics such as:  effective resume and cover letter writing, job search skills and strategies, the techniques of a successful interview, networking etc. These trainings are helpful in becoming better prepared for the transition from university to employment.

We assist our students and alumni in development and implementation of their career plans by identifying their individual needs and fostering purposeful career-related decisions. The combination of our academic excellence and the efforts put into the career services has been successful, as demonstrated by the latest research results, whereby more than 90% of UG students and graduates are employed.

Courses For International Students:


Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Nursery
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)
Bachelor in Humanities (English Philology)


Master of Business Administration
Master of International Business Law
Master in Educational Administration

Medical One-Circle Degrees:

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Doctor of Medicine

M. Kostava str. 77a,
Tbilisi, 0171, Georgia
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