Caucasus University

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The history of Caucasus University began in 1998 when Caucasus School of Business was established. Its motto is "Studium Pretium Libertatis".

Caucasus University is an accredited higher education institution for students seeking a superior education. It curriculum is supported by participation in international programmes and by visiting professors. Engaging teaching methods are used, and these are buttressed with professional experience programs and exchange programmes for both students and scholars. Courses are delivered by internationally qualified lecturers which ensures the preparation of highly-qualified specialists in various spheres.

CU consists of various schools: Business, Law, Media, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Governance, Tourism, Economics and HealthCare and New Cinema Schools. The university has the legal right to award standard and diplomacy specialist qualifications based on Georgian legislation: bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. There are also various certificate programs available at CU, including short study courses.

Caucasus University has well-established relations with many of the top European, American and Asian universities. Students are thus afforded the opportunity to participate in two way exchange programs. Students from other countries also learn with CU as regular and exchange students.

Development Plan:

Limited Liability Company, The Caucasus University is a legal entity of Public Law operating in accordance with the existing Legislation of Georgia, Caucasus University Bylaws and Internal Regulations. The University has a balance of its own, a seal, a flag, an anthem, symbols, bank accounts in different banks and all the other credentials mandatory for a private legal entity.
The mission of Caucasus University is to nurture competitive, highly qualified, morally sound specialists faithful to democratic values and principles of democracy. They will be specialists who design and implement research-oriented teaching and learning, as they go about satisfying the educational requirements of an open society.
The slogan of the University is “Studium Pretium Libertates” or Knowledge is the Certainty of Freedom.
Pursuant to the rules prescribed by the Legislation, the University awards Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees to its graduates.
On December 30, 2009, Caucasus University was given a five-year state institutional accreditation. The quote of students enrolled was set at 3355 by the Center for Quality Enhancement of Georgia. In 2012-2013 with the view of the program accreditation Caucasus University submitted fully revised and modified programs in Humanitarian and Social Sciences. In 2013, Caucasus University adopted a new internal, fully revised standard of programs and syllabi and revised the internal University regulations.
In 2009 -2014 with the view of facilitating to international mobility of its students and professors, the University signed memorandum of cooperation with government agencies, NGOs, media organizations, state and private higher educational institutions, public and private schools and colleges thus significantly broadening the circle of partner universities. Since 2009 170 such memorandum of cooperation have been signed including 80 memorandum currently in operation.
In 2009-2014, Caucasus University created, developed and revised its programs and enrolled students in eight schools: Caucasus School of Business, Caucasus School of Law, Caucasus School of Media, Caucasus School of Technologies, Caucasus School of Governance, Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Studies, Caucasus Tourism School and Caucasus School of healthcare and Economics.
Along with advancement of the higher educational system in the country and internationally, Caucasus University continuously revises its strategic plan considering self-assessment results in order to harmonize the University mission and goals with ever-changing educational environment and labor market demands.
The aim of the Caucasus University is to make its educational programs competitive so as to meet labor market demands for which the University implements modern methods of teaching, revises educational materials, improves IT and facilitates to implementing innovative approach to teaching-learning process. With the view of running the educational process efficiently, the University enhances Human Resources and optimally utilizes their scientific potential.   
Strategic Development Plan of Caucasus University for the years 2014-2020 includes activities and ways of achieving the goals set for each school and department.

Courses For International Students:


Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting)
Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Management
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor in Humanities (English Philology)
Bachelor of Social Sciences in Journalism and Mass Communication
Bachelor of Tourism
Bachelor of International Relations
Bachelor of Information Technology


Master of Private Law  (in Contract)


Doctor of Business Administration

Paata Saakadze street N1
Tbilisi, 0102, Georgia

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