Tbilisi Medical University

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Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is the leading medical school in Georgia and one of the main academic and scientific institutions in the whole Caucasian region, established in the beginning of 20th century. Higher medical education history in Georgia accounts for approximately 100 years, and actually, this is the history of medical university. 
The Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State University (1918-1930), Tbilisi State Medical Institute (1930-1992), Tbilisi State Medical University (1992 – up to day) – are considered as the development stages of one, traditional and powerful institution of higher education,  undivided organism - the Tbilisi State Medical University. 

TSMU fully recognizes its core role and responsibility in the development of democratic and knowledge-based society, public health maintenance and support.  

Nowadays, TSMU is considered as the most demanded higher medical schools in Georgia, where more than 7000 undergraduate, as well as Master’s and Doctoral students receive education, including 2000 students from 53 countries worldwide. More than 1000 MDs and Stomatologists (Dentists) are involved in residency programs and postgraduate education. 


TSMU - is aware of its role and responsibility in formation of knowledge-based, open, democratic society and providing population health care activities. The teaching, research and medical / pharmaceutical activities are an inseparable process at TSMU. While accomplishing this honorable mission, TSMU follows the  fundamental principles: 
  • Academic Quality of knowledge and research;
  • Democracy;
  • Electiveness and transparency of the managing bodies;
  • Academic freedom of both students and academic staff;
  • Creation of favorable conditions for development for of both students and academic staff.

Successful undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous professional development programs, Master’s and Doctoral courses, high professional education programs make Tbilisi State Medical University attractive for prospective students not only in Georgia, but forty other countries around the world. 

TSMU provides competitive, international-level education through development of profound academic knowledge, professional ethics, values, clinical reasoning, practical and communication skills. 

TSMU runs more than forty bachelor's, master's, doctoral and professional education Programs, among them  four are implemented with international partners of TSMU, such  as:
  • American MD program – developed with Emory University School of Medicine (Atlanta, US);
  • Joint International Bachelor's Program in “Public Health Management and Health Policy”  - with  UniMan "Academy of International Management and Performance" (France). Upon completion, two - Georgian and French diploma will be issued;
  • Georgian-Austrian Bachelor of Nursing program - with TILAC-'s (Tyrol hospitals Union) and the Western Education Centre (AZW);
  • Joint International Master's Program in “Public Health Management and Health Policy”  - with UniMan "Academy of International Management and Performance" (France). Upon completion, Master’s degrees will be awarded from  both Georgia and France  sides;

TSMU has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with around 81 leading Universities, University Clinics and Scientific-Research Institutions from 30 countries world-wide, on the basis of which students and staff exchange programs are being successfully implemented.

TSMU participates in exchange mobility programs of ERASMUS MUNDUS, MEDEA - (Mediical Universities Alliance) that are oriented on active involvement of students, academic and administrative staff of the University. Since 2013 TSMU participates in the MEVLANA project, oriented on mobility of the students of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels as well as academic and administrative staff in Turkey and other Asian countries. 

Each member of our university communities - faculty, administration, students and alumni - had, has and will have the opportunity to make own contribution in professional improvement and development of the Tbilisi State Medical University as a whole. 

Once your choice falls to join Tbilisi State Medical University academic community, be sure you will be taken into care by academic staff and the administration of TSMU who are ready to help you create future and successfully realize your dreams.

Main guiding principles of TSMU activities are fully in line with the strategies of the European educational system. Moreover, TSMU, to some extent, participates in the development of these principles. The university’s main directions and reforms are carried out dynamically in a systematic manner and have placed TSMU on a development path leading towards a common world and European Higher Education Area.

More than decade TSMU is an active member of international organizations - AMEE, EUA, leading international education networks, aiming at harmonization of medical education across Europe. From 2009  to 2013 TSMU had become member of MEDINE 2 (Thematic Network in Medical Education in Europe) which was set to modernize medical education in Europe in response to rapidly changing societal needs. 

Courses For International Students:


Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Public Health and Management
Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Mildwifery

Medical One-Circle Degrees:

Doctor of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (American Program)
Doctor of Dental Medicine

33 Vazha-Pshavela Ave.
Tbilisi, 0186, Georgiaскачать dle 11.3


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