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Georgian Technical University is located in Tbilisi, Georgia allocated to 6 different campuses and the university has very interesting and rich history. Origin of the university starts in 1917, when Russian Emperor issued the order, according to which was set up Polytechnic Institute in Tbilisi, the first Higher Educational Institution in Caucasian region. Afterwards, in 1922, according to emperor's order, Was founded as a polytechnic faculty of Tbilisi State University. In 1928,the Departments of the polytechnic faculty merged into an independent Institute and named Georgian Polytechnic Institute (GPI). During the first period of university operating, the Institute consisted of 15 full-time and 13 part-time faculties.
From 1985 to 1987 - For the volume of the advanced scientific researches and works carried out by the students, Polytechnical Institute took first place in the USSR higher educational institutions. During this period, the Institute became the largest higher educational institution in the Caucasian region for its students (total 40 000) and academic staff (total 5000).
In 1990, Georgian Polytechnic Institute was granted the university status and named as the Georgian Technical University.

Due to reforms and restructuring of curriculum, GTU gradually began installation of new training standards introducing Credit System –120 of the UK credits. GTU became a full member of the European University Association – EUA and joined Bologna process. In 2007, GTU was awarded accreditation by the National Center for Educational Accreditation.

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Courses For International Students:


Bachelor of Mathematics
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation, Automation and Control Systems
Bachelor of International Relations
Bachelor of Informatics
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design
Bachelor of Social Science in Journalism
Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture
Bachelor of Engineering in Construction
Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy
Bachelor of Engineering in Materials
Bachelor of Engineering Physics


Master of Business Administration
Master of Public Administration
Master of Biomedical Engineering
Master of Agriculture


PhD in Urban Development
PhD in Water Engineering

Merab Kostava str. N77,
Tbilisi, 0175, Georgia
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Tbilisi State University

Tbilisi State University
Tbilisi State University is one of the experienced university founded in Georgia, Tbilisi. University Carries the name of person "Ivane Javakhishvili"... Click on the title to read more.



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